West Virginia sees big decrease in drunk driving fatalities

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These days, our readers are probably used to seeing more news articles about distracted driving and the impact that behavior is having on our country’s roads than they are used to seeing news articles about drunk driving. And, there may be some valid reasons for that – distracted driving is seemingly on the rise throughout the entire country. However, according to one recent report, the number of drunk driving fatalities is decreasing in some states, including West Virginia.

According to the recent report, West Virginia is the state that has seen the second biggest decrease in the number of drunk driving fatalities over a 17-year span from 2000 to 2017, just behind Minnesota, which saw the largest decrease. The report states that in 2000 there were 159 fatalities caused by drunk driving in West Virginia. In 2017, that number had dropped all the way to 72, representing a nearly 55 percent drop.

Still, 72 fatalities is too big of a number. Drunk driving is entirely preventable. But, despite years of public and private campaigns to raise awareness of just how dangerous drunk driving is, it still occurs. When a family loses a loved one in a drunk driving accident, it can be earth-shattering for those who are left behind. Even drunk driving accidents that don’t lead to fatalities but do lead to injuries can be life-altering for those involved.

Fortunately, anyone who has been injured in West Virginia due to a drunk driver’s reckless conduct may be able to pursue legal options. A personal injury lawsuit may lead to the recovery of financial compensation.

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