What are the most likely car accident injuries?

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A car accident has the potential to completely change a person’s life. Besides the damage done to a vehicle, it could result in an injury that lasts for the rest of a person’s life. The injury could impact the person’s health, finances and career.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident in West Virginia or Kentucky, you may know all too well what kinds of injury may result. There are several common injuries a person can get in a car crash. They each carry different levels of risk and recovery.

Head injuries

These happen if a vehicle occupant hits his or her head on part of the car. The resulting injury is serious, with the potential for a traumatic brain injury. A skull fracture, vision or hearing problems, or cognitive difficulties could require significant treatment and on-going care. Even a concussion can have an impact on a person’s life.

Back injuries

An injury to the spinal cord could damage a person’s ability to feel sensation on various parts of the body. They may even suffer diminished ability to control parts of their body. Paralysis is a serious potential consequence of a car crash. A herniated disk may not be as significant, but it may result in numbness or tingling in the body. Life-long back pain is also a potential consequence.

Neck injuries

A rear-end collision often results in a common condition known as whiplash. This happens when the head and neck move suddenly, causing muscle or ligament injury. Even swelling in the neck can be bothersome. A less common, temporary injury that involves the neck is vocal cord paralysis, meaning the person may not be able to speak properly for a while.

Chest injuries

If a vehicle occupant hits the steering wheel or another part of the car with his or her chest, a broken rib or collapsed lung may result. It could also lead to internal bleeding or harm to internal organs. Sudden cardiac arrest may be an indirect consequence for people with existing heart problems. Spotting this kind of injury quickly is difficult but very important.

Other injuries

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that a car accident can cause broken bones or loss of a limb. One non-physical injury possibility is emotional distress, particularly post-traumatic stress disorder. This can happen even if a victim doesn’t have any physical injuries but he or she has problems dealing with the aftermath of the crash.

Whatever the result of the accident is, it’s crucial that those involved get medical attention as quickly as possible. Once you address your medical needs, you can turn to legal matters. You don’t have to feel bad about holding a responsible party accountable for a car accident.

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