Did someone’s negligent driving result in your injury?

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There is really no way to know whether you’ll safely arrive to your destination when you get behind the wheel to drive Kentucky’s roadways. However, if you adhere to traffic and safety regulations, your chances of remaining unscathed during travel definitely increase. You can also reasonably expect all other drivers nearby to do the same. The problem is that, there is a chance that some motorist with whom you’re sharing a roadway will be distracted, reckless or otherwise negligent.

Witnessing certain driving behaviors should definitely cause you concern, such as if a car is weaving in and out of its lane. Then again, a collision can occur so suddenly and unexpectedly that have zero time to safely react to avoid it. If that happens, you might be the one who suffers injury. That’s why it’s so important to know ahead of time where to seek support if a problem arises.

Less drunk driving accidents but more fatalities

In the past three decades, the number of drunk driving accidents has decreased, and that’s definitely a good thing. If you review current collision data, however, you’ll notice that driving accident fatalities are on the rise. The following list provides possible reasons why:

  • More drivers nowadays use electronic gadgets in their cars while traveling. Whether it’s an iPod to scroll a play list, a GPS device or a cell phone, which is illegal in many states, drivers are often distracted because of electronic equipment in their vehicles.
  • People are often in a hurry while driving. This causes impatience and that can lead to road rage, which, in turn, is the cause of many fatal collisions.
  • Some people do not know how to safely navigate intersections.
  • Many people exhibit careless or reckless driving behaviors and do not realize they are placing themselves and others at risk for serious injuries. For instance, someone might not think it’s a big deal to travel 10 miles per hour over a posted speed limit.

You might be on your way to work, to the store or headed out for a night with friends when another vehicle suddenly hits your car. If the impact comes from behind, you could suffer serious whiplash or even, a concussion if your head slams against the steering wheel or window. A T-bone collision at an intersection or a head-on crash caused by a wrong-way driver can cause serious or life-threatening injuries.

Achieving the highest quality of recovery possible

A broken bone, jarred neck muscles or mild concussion can cause you to miss work for several days or more. If you arrive at a hospital following a collision and are listed in critical or serious condition, your recovery may be a long, arduous process. In fact, you might wind up with permanent health problems associated with the incident.

It’s critical for your well-being to build a strong support network. A team might include medical professionals, physical therapists, family members, friends, licensed counselors and legal advocates, as well.

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