How can witness testimony impact a motor vehicle accident case?

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When West Virginia and Kentucky residents are involved in motor vehicle accidents, their primary concern is, rightfully, on getting the medical attention they need. However, as the weeks and months from there drop off the calendar, those who face the need for extensive medical treatment will also start to face medical bills that pile up. If a personal injury lawsuit is needed, the case may very well proceed all the way to a jury trial.

If a personal injury lawsuit does proceed to a jury trial, witness testimony could be crucial. But, just how exactly can witness testimony impact a motor vehicle accident case?

Well, for starters, jury trials are all about telling a story – a persuasive story that gets the jury on the side of the injured motor vehicle accident victim. When a seemingly neutral, third party individual – someone who wasn’t involved in the accident, but who saw what happened – gets on the stand and tells the story of what they saw, that can be powerful evidence in a personal injury case. Witness testimony can swing an entire case.

But, it is important to remember that both sides will get a chance to ask questions of any witness who is called to testify in a personal injury case. That means a witness must be prepared for tough questions from the defense attorney, and that the injured victim is prepared to re-direct that witness testimony back to the pertinent facts if the defense is successful in getting the jury to focus on something other than the negligence that occurred that caused the accident in the first place.

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