Serious injuries can occur in motor vehicle accidents

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In West Virginia and Kentucky, car accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence. Everyday so-called “fender benders” occur, as do more serious accidents that can cause severe injuries. Even fatalities occur on an all too frequent basis. When serious injuries result from a car accident, the injured victims need to know what the possible injuries are and how they might need to proceed with a possible legal claim.

Head and back injuries are some of the most common, and most serious, injuries that can occur in a car accident. Spinal cord injuries can result in lasting pain for a victim, as well as causing severe limitation in the person’s ability to function on a daily basis. Head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries – commonly referred to as “TBIs” – can alter a person’s life completely, leaving them unable to complete even the most basic tasks and in need of constant medical treatment or monitoring.

Neck injuries are also common in car accidents. Most of our readers have heard of “whiplash,” which is when the head is jerked suddenly due to an impact. The muscles and ligaments in the neck can suffer severe strain and injuries with whiplash that may require extensive medical treatment.

Of course, there are other common injuries that occur in car accidents as well, including broken bones, cuts, and abrasions. Although these types of injuries are oftentimes temporary and victims can make a full recovery, there are usually still medical bills associated with the incident. West Virginia and Kentucky residents who have been injured in a car accident may need to explore their options for legal action if they hope to recover compensation to help offset any damages arising from these injuries.

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