Understanding a DUI arrest, being booked and getting bail

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When a person is arrested for driving under the influence in West Virginia, the aftermath of the arrest might seem confusing. Given the stressful nature of being stopped by law enforcement, tested to see if the driver is over the legal limit for alcohol and being taken into custody, it is easy to forget key aspects of a legal defense. That may include being booked and seeking bail.

It is important to understand the booking process as it pertains to people who were arrested and need DUI defense. Being booked entails the officer getting the personal information like the name and residential address, recording details of the reasons for the arrest, checking whether the person has a criminal record, taking fingerprints, taking photos, conducting a search, taking the person’s personal property for the duration that he or she is in custody and putting the person in a cell.

For people charged with a DUI, getting bail and leaving jail is also important. For bail, the person will pay a certain fee to be released. There will be an agreement to appear in court when scheduled to do so. The amount to be paid could hinge on the person’s criminal record, how serious the DUI charge is and the person’s standing in the community.

Even those who do not have the money to pay for bail can get a bond, which is a guarantee that it will be paid if the person does not appear in court, and be released. A person who seems trustworthy enough that they will appear in court when they are scheduled to do so can be released on their own recognizance and not be asked to pay bail.

Being arrested on DUI charges can impact a person’s life in myriad ways. A conviction can mean jail time, fines, lost driving privileges and more. Anyone can find themselves facing the consequences of a DUI, so knowing how to formulate a defense is key. A law firm experienced in DUI defense may be able to help with the case.

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