Families sue company in the Kobe Bryant crash

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Even though Kobe Bryant played thousands of miles away from West Virginia, the shock of his death was felt in the state. In the aftermath of the fatal crash that killed Bryant, his daughter and seven other people, the families of some of the victims have filed a lawsuit against the company that operated the helicopter flight.

Island Express has already been sued by Kobe Bryant’s widow. Vanessa Bryant filed her claim against the company and the pilot of the helicopter in the days following the crash. The families have also sued Island Express, claiming that the company was negligent and caused the deaths of their loved ones. The lawsuit argues that the helicopter flight should have been grounded as nearly every other helicopter in the area did not fly due to the dense fog. The pilot of this flight tried to travel through thick fog and crashed into the side of a mountain, killing everyone on the flight.

Federal investigators have already concluded that engine failure was not the cause of the crash. In the days following the accident, it was revealed that the company’s pilots were not licensed to fly in the foggy conditions that prevailed on the morning of the accident. The company ceased operations shortly after the crash. However, it can still be held liable for the deaths.

Those who have lost a loved one due to the carelessness of someone else can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the person or company that was responsible. Damages for these cases tend to be high since they address the worst possible damage of all. Wrongful death lawsuits usually require an attorney due to the high dollar amount of the claims. A lawyer may help negotiate a settlement or could take the case to a jury.

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