The deadly results of truck accidents

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Truck accidents in West Virginia are easily the worst crashes that occur in the state. They happen for a wide variety of reasons, but the true reason they create so much damage is their sheer size compared to a standard vehicle. Damage is often devastating, and fatalities are common when a big-rig is involved in a collision. However, they are also among the complicated accidents occurring on the roadway, and being properly compensated for injuries can be a frustrating process without professional representation.

Proving truck driver fault

Respondent insurance companies always strongly defend against truck accident claims largely because of truck driver liability coverage levels. Regardless of the extent of the injury, trucking companies and their insurers want to shift fault to other drivers. Even a small shift in the percentage of fault can change the financial recovery payouts significantly for the trucking company insurance provider. Documented details of driver behavior can make a difference when comparative negligence is being discussed whether it is before a case goes to trial or after. And, trials are common with truck accidents because winning the case requires proving fault.

Wrongful death truck accident cases

A major problem with big truck involvement in motor vehicle accidents is the number of resulting fatalities. Wrongful death claims are commonly filed after fatal truck accidents when there is solid evidence of driver negligence, and especially when gross negligence could also be proven in a trial. Truck accidents are the primary contributor to all highway fatalities, and driver negligence is central to most wrongful death claims.

Motor vehicle accident attorneys in West Virginia remind victims the fact that a big truck was among the vehicles in an accident doesn’t necessarily mean the driver was at fault. Shared fault is a typical element of many truck accident cases, and is exactly what makes most truck accident cases difficult when pursuing whole damages in fatality cases.

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