How do you get an ignition interlock device in West Virginia?

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When you get a DUI in West Virginia, your license suspension lasts at least six months. Subsequent DUIs result in a license suspension of at least one year. You could restore your driving privileges if the DMV agrees to allow you to get an ignition interlock device (IID) installed on your vehicle.

Apply for the Alcohol Test and Lock Program

Fill out the WV Alcohol Test and Lock (Interlock) Program application to apply for regaining driving privileges through an IID. You need to answer all required fields and initial and sign the form, or the DMV won’t process it. The application form has a number to contact if you have any questions about it.

Insurance information

You need to have insurance to apply for an IID. Before the installers set up your device, they will need to see proof of your insurance.


You aren’t eligible for the WV Alcohol Test and Lock Program if you have had other driving privileges revoked regardless of what state the restriction originated from. People who have a drug-based DUI are ineligible for participating in this program. Minors are also ineligible for interlock devices.

You must own the vehicle that you want the interlock device for or have written permission from the vehicle’s owner. Another requirement of this program is enrolling in the Safety and Treatment Program after your acceptance into the Alcohol Test and Lock Program.


In West Virginia, applying for an IID costs $100, which is nonrefundable. Upon approval, you’ll have to pay around $75 for installation, $3 for daily rental service, $60 hourly for service calls and $50 for bounced checks. If you want to change your vehicle after installation, then you’ll have to pay around $75. Violation fees are approximately $50, and missed appointment fees are approximately $35. Service charges are also subject to state taxes.

Restoring your driving privileges through an ignition interlock device is worth considering to get around with greater ease. The application form is quick and easy to fill out.

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