Tips for spotting distracted drivers

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When you hit the road in West Virginia, you’re bound to see at least one person engaging in distracted driving. They might be at fault, but you should still take action to avoid their vehicle. Otherwise, you could end up in a costly motor vehicle accident.

What are the signs of a distracted driver?

If you see someone who keeps looking down, they’re probably using their smartphone. Most people hold their smartphones in their laps so people don’t see what they’re doing. When you’re driving at night, you’ll probably see the glow of the smartphone inside the vehicle. Distracted driving is dangerous any time of the day, but it’s particularly risky at night.

You might also see someone chewing while they’re driving. They might be chewing gum, but it’s equally likely that they’re eating or drinking while driving. This requires people to look away from the road, increasing their risk of motor vehicle accidents. When you see someone trying to eat and drive at the same time, keep a safe distance from their vehicle.

Other distractions include talking or arguing with someone in the car. You might see someone reaching behind their seat, turning around to yell at a child or arguing with someone in a passenger seat. Similarly, the driver might appear to be arguing with someone on the phone. Try to stay away from their car–you never know when they might swerve or go off the road, leading to serious injuries.

How do you prove that the other driver was distracted?

After your wreck, the insurance company might offer a payout as compensation. However, they might also try to argue that the driver didn’t do anything wrong. It’s hard to prove what the person was doing before the crash, but your attorney could help you show that they caused the accident.

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