How can a tire blow-out be prevented on a commercial truck?

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Commercial trucks travel for numerous miles across West Virginia roads every day. When a semi experiences a tire blow-out, it can be devastating for everyone involved. It’s important to know why a blow-out happens and how to prevent it from happening at all.

Why are tire blow-outs so dangerous?

A semi-truck tire blow-out can be extremely dangerous due to the sheer unexpectedness of such an incident. A blow-out can occur without warning and cause a deadly motor vehicle accident. When a huge truck has a flat tire, it’s bad enough, but if a tire blows out, it can cause the trucker to lose control of the vehicle and lead to a serious crash.

Why do truck tire blow-outs happen?

There are a few reasons why a semi-truck may experience a tire blow-out and cause a truck accident. The following are the most common reasons why this might happen:

• Under-inflated tire: If a tire isn’t fully inflated, it’s more likely to become overheated, which can cause it to blow out. This problem can be prevented by ensuring that all the truck’s tires are fully inflated. A monthly check should be enough.

• Road conditions: Sometimes, road conditions are to blame for truck tire blow-outs. Too much gravel and debris on the road or large potholes can put extra pressure on the tires and cause them to break down and eventually blow out. This can also happen when the temperature is very high. Traveling at slower speeds in such conditions could potentially prevent a blow-out.

• Carrying loads that are too heavy: Too much weight on a commercial truck can put pressure on its tires. As a result, a blow-out is more likely to happen. Each trucker should ensure that the load they’re carrying isn’t overwhelming for their semi.

• Mechanical issues: A mechanical issue such as a bent axle, loose wheel bearings and other problems can put excess pressure on the tires and cause them to more quickly wear out. Blow-outs can be avoided by having regular maintenance checks on the truck.

With the right level of caution, truck tire blow-outs can be avoided. Ensuring that a truck is always inspected and maintained before hitting the road can help prevent accidents.

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