What to expect if someone else gets a DUI in your car

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Anyone who drives a motor vehicle in West Virginia could be charged with DUI if they are doing so while impaired. This is generally true whether they are driving their own vehicles or somebody else’s. Let’s take a closer look at what might happen if someone is charged with drunk or impaired driving while operating your car or truck.

You probably won’t be charged with a crime

As a general rule, you aren’t responsible for the actions of others. Therefore, if a friend, family member or colleague drives your car while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, that person will be the one who faces criminal charges. However, if you allow a person who you know has a history of DUI to drive your car, you may face civil liability if that individual’s actions result in a lawsuit. It’s also possible that your car will be impounded if the person driving it gets charged with drunk driving.

Your insurance rates may go up

In the event that someone else gets a DUI while driving your car, there is a chance that your auto insurance rates may go up. This is because the policy applies to the vehicle as opposed to the person driving it. An exception may be made in the event that whoever drove the car had supplemental insurance that covered his or her actions behind the wheel.

If another person is charged with DUI while driving your vehicle, you may face a series of negative consequences. Therefore, it may be in your best interest to limit who drives your vehicle to reduce the chances of getting into legal trouble.

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