Symptoms of a broken nose stemming from a car accident

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West Virginia residents who get into car accidents commonly experience injuries in the aftermath. A broken nose is a common type of injury, and you should recognize the symptoms.

What are the symptoms of a broken nose?

Many people who get into car accidents suffer broken noses upon impact. This injury commonly occurs when the individual’s face makes contact with the airbag or steering wheel. The following are common broken nose symptoms:

  • A cracking sound and sensation
  • Bleeding from the nostrils
  • Swelling of the nose and surrounding area
  • Pain and tenderness
  • Bruising of the nose and around the eyes
  • Misshapen nose
  • More mucus discharge than usual
  • Difficulty breathing through one or both nostrils

For some people, symptoms of a broken nose might not show immediately. Depending on the severity of the injury and the level of adrenaline experienced, the symptoms might take a few days to appear.

When should you seek medical treatment?

While a broken nose is not necessarily an injury that can be fatal, it’s still important to seek medical treatment if it’s bad enough. A person who has been in a car accident and sustained a broken nose might also have more serious issues that require immediate attention such as spinal cord damage or brain injuries. You should get medical attention for a broken nose if you have the following symptoms:

  • Profuse bleeding that won’t stop
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Clear fluid coming from the nose
  • Signs of a neck or brain injury

A broken nose can be diagnosed when a doctor examines the inside and outside of the nose. Diagnoses can commonly be made without the use of an MRI or CT scan.

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