Crucial steps to take after a car accident

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A car accident is enough to turn any West Virginian’s life upside down. If you’re involved in one, it’s important to take certain steps immediately after.

Make sure you’re safe

Safety always comes first, so it’s important to move your vehicle to a safe spot. If that’s impossible, leave the car, check for injuries and get to safety. If you have passengers, find out if they’re hurt or OK.

Call 911

Even if no one appears injured, it’s illegal to flee the scene of a car accident. Stay there and call 911. Wait for the police to arrive so they can make an accident report. An ambulance should also arrive to administer medical treatment to anyone who immediately needs it. Get the officer’s name and badge number and ask where to obtain a copy of the accident report.

Exchange information

Don’t make any real conversation with the other driver, but exchange names, contact information, car insurance details, driver’s license and license plate numbers. You should also find witnesses at the scene of the car accident and get their names and contact information. Record their accounts of the collision with your smartphone.

Take photos

Photos of the accident scene, vehicles, the road and anything else that might have suffered damage from the crash is strong evidence. If you plan on filing a personal injury claim, visual evidence might strengthen your case.

Seek medical attention

Seeking medical attention is crucial after a car accident. You might feel fine, but it might be a mask in the form of adrenaline. It’s normal to start feeling sore hours or days after an accident.

Inform your insurance company

Call your insurance company and report that you were in a car accident. If an insurance representative asks you questions, be succinct with your answers and don’t offer additional information.

These important steps should always be taken after a car accident.

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