Drugged driving dangers

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Driving under the influence does not only refer to drunk driving. Drivers in West Virginia may face charges when stopped for driving under the influence of drugs. Some may wonder whether drugged driving is worse than drunk driving.

Drugged driving vs. drunk driving

First, it is essential to point out that both drunk driving and drugged driving are illegal and dangerous. There are no lesser of two evils under the law, and someone who causes an accident while under the influence of any substance could face civil and criminal charges.

Now, different drugs may affect people differently. Someone smoking marijuana may experience other perception problems than someone under the influence of a powerful hallucinogen such as PCP. A person who takes opioids could become tired and unable to concentrate on the road. A person using amphetamines might find heightened anxiety causes concentration problems and could boost aggressive driving behaviors.

Drugs can generally affect clarity, self-control, decision-making, and more. These reasons and others could cause someone to drive erratically or become involved in an accident.

Legal consequences of drugged driving

Someone arrested for drugged driving may face DUI charges. The accused would have a chance to defend themselves in court. Lab test results could serve as crucial evidence during the proceedings. However, the lab reports might be faulty, and the police’s actions improper.

Regarding the police, they may have lacked probable cause when making the arrest. If this is the case, the evidence procured by the police could be inadmissible.

Those with credible charges and a possible guilty verdict may seek a plea deal. Others could argue for a reasonable sentence given the circumstance, such as an incident that did not involve anyone getting hurt. Options may exist for the accused who finds him or herself in a challenging position.

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