The emotional divorce journey

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Divorce is not as simple as just reaching a settlement. It is an emotional journey that can take a while and involves several stages. As West Virginia residents go through the process, they learn to adapt and cope so they can move on to a new life.

Adjusting to the end of the marriage

The decision to end the marriage often comes with shock for at least one of the spouses. Even if the couple had spent a great deal of time fighting, it can be hard to accept when one of the spouses takes the first step towards officially ending the marriage by separating, whether by moving out or asking for an in-home separation. However, the opposite can also be true, with the spouse who has made the initial decision feeling as if they have finally broken free from a bad situation. The process of adjusting to the decision can take months, with many emotional ups and downs for both spouses, with days of progress and days of setbacks.

The divorce process

Eventually, the spouses will need to work on a separation agreement, and, in many cases, the divorce settlement. This stage of the divorce journey can be particularly difficult emotionally, as the couple works on undoing the life they had built together. They might also be dealing with their children’s struggle to accept the changes. Some of the things they will need to focus on during this time include:

  • A parenting plan
  • Child support
  • Division of property
  • Mediation sessions or court hearings

Eventually, the divorced spouses and their children begin to move on. Each person might have settled into new relationships and the children have begun to adapt to splitting their time between the parents’ homes. Even if it takes time, each member of the family settles into their new beginning.

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