Tips of creating blended families

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As divorcees who are parents in West Virginia move on with their lives, they often fall in love with someone who also has children. Blending two families is hard work, but it can be gratifying.

Supportive adult

The role of the stepparent should be to act as a supportive adult. Leave the rule-making and enforcement to the biological parent. Instead, focus on guiding young people along the path they should follow.

Respect the other parent

Do not put yourself in a position where you try to replace the biological parent. Instead, talk to them, when necessary, with respect.

Schedule alone time with your biological children

Schedules in any family can be very hectic, but that is especially true of blended families. Yet, you should make it a priority to schedule alone time with your biological children whenever possible. They need to know that they are still significant to you.

Be patient

It takes a while to blend two families successfully, but the rewards make it a worthwhile objective. Children learn by watching the adults around them, so view frustrations as patience-teaching opportunities.

Do not force your parenting style on your new spouse

Even in families where there has not been a divorce, parents have different parenting styles. Respect your new partner’s style without forcing them to conform to yours. Everyone will be happier, and the children will get to have different experiences. If you must settle differences, do it away from the children.

Focus on the positives

It can be easy to fall into a pattern where you see only the challenges when creating a blended family. Spend a few minutes every day thinking about the positives. Journaling often helps.

Each child in a blended family can have four parents who love them when each person focuses on the positives and commits to making the blended family work.

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