Some of the most common seatbelt injuries from car accidents

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Seatbelts are known to save the lives of West Virginia residents who get into car accidents. However, even your vehicle’s safety features can lead to injuries. These are some of the most common seatbelt injuries.


Motor vehicle accidents often cause your body to jerk violently upon impact and rub up against the seatbelt. This leads to cuts, scrapes and lacerations. Depending on the extent of the injury, you might only need minor medical attention to prevent infection.

Rib injuries

A common seatbelt injury during a crash is bruised or fractured ribs. With the force of your body jolting and the seatbelt holding you in place, you could be left with rib damage. Depending on various factors, you can suffer bruises or even fractures.

Shoulder injuries

Car accidents can also cause shoulder injuries when the seatbelt remains in place to protect you. Unfortunately, this can lead to the nerves, tendons, ligaments and muscles in your shoulder to become strained. If the injury is severe, you might require physical therapy to fully heal from a shoulder seatbelt injury.

Chest injuries

Your chest can also suffer injuries in an accident due to your seatbelt. The sternum, in particular, is susceptible; if the impact is strong enough, you could be left with severe internal injuries as organs such as your lungs or heart could be affected.

Abdominal injuries

When a crash occurs, the seatbelt locks to keep you in place. This can lead to abdominal injuries as your body is thrust forward and the belt keeps you in your seat. You can have bruising and soft tissue injuries in the abdominal area.

Even if you feel fine after an accident, seeking medical attention is wise. It gives peace of mind and treatment options if you’re injured.

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