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Fierce Representation For Injured Motorcyclists

West Virginia’s winding, scenic roads are a favorite for motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy riding with a view of forests, mountains and valleys. But, too many riders find out the hard way that when a motorcycle collides with another vehicle, the rider often loses.

At Hoover Law PLLC in Barboursville, we work every day to ensure that those who have been injured get the compensation they deserve. A successful personal injury case can help you recover funds for medical bills and other damages relating to your accident.

With the help of an experienced, trial-tested attorney, you stand a better chance of winning. Prior to his current practice, attorney Jon D. Hoover defended the very insurance companies he now fights every day. He understands how they work, how they’ll try to undervalue your claim and, most importantly, how to win.

Tips For Motorcycle Safety In West Virginia

The Mountain State has a few unique laws relating to motorcycles. Stay safe on these beautiful rides by following these tips:

  • Auxiliary lighting is now legal: A recent change to state law allows motorcycles to have additional lighting underneath the body of the bike to increase visibility at night.
  • Avoid illegal lane splitting: Driving between lanes of traffic is illegal in West Virginia. Two motorcycles can, however, share a lane where road conditions allow.
  • Wear a helmet: Not only can a helmet save your life, but it is also required by law for all motorcycle riders in West Virginia. State law also requires eye protection, whether in the form of goggles or a face shield on your helmet.

A motorcycle crash often causes significantly more damage to the rider than the person in the other vehicle. Make sure you have a lawyer on your side who can help you fight back against the insurance companies.

We’ll Help You Get Back On The Road

If you or a loved one has been in a motorcycle accident in West Virginia or Kentucky, we can help. Call 304-666-3531 or send us a message online to arrange a consultation.