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Protect Your Rights And Your License To Drive

A DUI is the most serious criminal charge the average person will face in their lifetime. Your freedom, reputation and license to drive are at stake — don’t risk everything by facing the charge alone.

Of the 48 cases attorney Jon D. Hoover has taken to trial, he has won 43. With this record of success and a reputation for strong trial advocacy, Hoover Law PLLC can make a difference for you. Successful drunk driving defense takes a willingness to go the extra mile. We always prepare for trial, and we prepare to win.

“Will I Lose My License?”

In Kentucky, minimum license suspension for a first-time DUI is thirty days. For a second offense, you risk a one year license suspension and for a third, two years.

In West Virginia, a DUI conviction carries a minimum license suspension of six months for the first offense and one year for subsequent offenses.

The key to keeping your license is avoiding conviction. With the help of an experienced attorney, you can attack the government’s case against you. Evidence in DUI cases can often be thrown out, leading to reduced charges or even dismissal.

DUI Penalties In Kentucky And Virginia

A DUI conviction can lead to jail time, fines of up to $1000, and loss of your driver’s license. Penalties can be elevated if there are aggravating circumstances in your case. In both Kentucky and Virginia, a blood alcohol level of .15 or higher is considered an aggravating circumstance. Penalties in Kentucky are also higher if someone:

  • Drives with a child under 12 in the car
  • Refuses to submit to blood alcohol testing
  • Drives more than 30 mph over the speed limit

At Hoover Law PLLC, we know how much is at stake in a DUI case. Remember: You don’t have to face these charges alone. A skilled trial lawyer can help you defend yourself against these charges and protect your rights.

Don’t Wait — Call To Build A Tough Defense

If you are facing a drunk driving charge, there’s no time to waste. Call 304-666-3531 to speak to a trial-tested DUI defense attorney in Barboursville. You can also use our online form to request a consultation.