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West Virginia And Kentucky Personal Injury Blog

How divorce may affect your taxes

Divorce is a difficult situation for anyone whos' involved in West Virginia. It affects the way you live, as well as your finances. One of the most important things to consider before or during divorce is the issue of taxation. Alimony Alimony is money paid by one...

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When can you sue for wrongful death?

Filing a lawsuit for wrongful death in West Virginia is very similar to filing a personal injury lawsuit. However, the dynamics of the case can be very different. The standard for proving liability in a personal injury claim is different from the standard used when...

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Why your blood alcohol concentration may be high

While driving on West Virginia roads, you may occasionally be stopped by a police officer. If the officer suspects you of drinking and driving, he or she may ask you to take a Breathalyzer test. If it shows that your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is high, you may...

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