What should you know before accepting a car accident settlement?

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There is no doubt that motor vehicles are convenient, but serious accidents seem to happen more often than ever. Unfortunately, collisions between two automobiles can leave their occupants severely injured.

The aftermath of a crash can be overwhelming as you deal with medical bills, lost wages and emotional despair, on top of physical injuries. You likely know you can file a claim to recover compensation, but navigating accident settlements can be tricky. Remembering these three points can help you get the fair treatment you deserve.

First offers often fall short

Insurance companies try to minimize payouts since they are in business to earn a profit. As such, their initial offer may not reflect the full value of your claim. You can refuse a low-ball offer and continue pressing for fair payment.

Settlements are binding

Once you accept a settlement, the case is closed. If you discover additional injuries or expenses down the road, you cannot reopen the claim. It’s important to know that in West Virginia, you have two years to file your motor vehicle accident claim.

Negotiation is your right

Insurance companies cannot deny valid claims or offer inadequate compensation without justification (like shared fault). That means you can reject an improper settlement and negotiate with insurers for a just award. They may be misinformed or not being truthful if they say you must take the offer or lose out.

For severe injuries or complex claims, getting experienced legal guidance can help you protect your claim and work to ensure that you receive fair compensation.

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