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How divorce may affect your taxes

Divorce is a difficult situation for anyone whos' involved in West Virginia. It affects the way you live, as well as your finances. One of the most important things to consider before or during divorce is the issue of taxation. Alimony Alimony is money paid by one...

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More about proof of a harassment claim

Residents of West Virginia may want to learn more about the protection the law offers against employee discrimination. In most cases of racial or sexual harassment and a hostile work environment, you will need to show the acts as being pervasive or severe and against...

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Types of workplace harassment

Harassment in the workplace is an issue that has plagued a large number of industries throughout West Virginia and across the nation. Today, it is rightfully coming to the forefront of the public. To effectively tackle this issue, people need to understand the types...

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Should you take a field sobriety test?

Noticing police patrol car lights flashing in your rearview mirror might make your blood pressure rise and heart rate soar. No one likes to think about getting pulled over in a traffic stop. However, when you know that's what's happening, your train of thought must...

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