Roadway danger: What to watch for to avoid a truck accident

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Sharing the road with big rigs can be intimidating. Their size and weight make them a force to be reckoned with in a collision, so it is natural to want to keep your distance.

What if you could identify a potential truck accident brewing and take action to avoid it? These tips may not prevent all truck accidents, but they could help lower your risk.

Be weather watchful

Large trucks are challenging to handle in ideal weather, let alone inclement conditions. Heavy rain or downpours can turn roads slick, causing truck tires to hydroplane (skim across water) and potentially lose control. Increase your following distance when the weather turns nasty.

Evade erratic behavior

If you see a tractor-trailer swerving, weaving, or drifting in and out of lanes, it could indicate that the driver is struggling to control the truck. Whether due to fatigue, distraction or a mechanical issue, back off and create space any time you notice erratic truck movements.

Heed hard braking

Since trucks take longer to stop than cars, truckers begin slowing and braking well in advance. Be wary of unexpected hard braking, which could signal the driver is avoiding an immediate hazard or a mechanical problem has arisen. Maintain extra distance and be prepared to react.

Circumvent cargo calamities

Dislodged or unsecured cargo creates a dangerous situation on the road. It can fall onto the roadway, causing multiple accidents, or shift the truck’s weight distribution, leading to a loss of control. If you see loose or unstable cargo on a heavy commercial truck, change lanes and try to put distance between you.

By staying aware of these signs, you can increase your safety while sharing the road with large trucks. With that said, if have already been injured in a truck accident, know that you can seek personalized guidance to protect your interests as you seek any compensation to which you’re rightfully entitled.

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