How a DUI might affect your divorce proceedings

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Going through a divorce is difficult enough. Having to deal with the legal stress of a DUI on top of it can feel overwhelming, especially since more than just your own wellbeing is at stake. You have your children to consider.

Unfortunately, juggling divorce proceedings with DUI-related court dates is the reality for some people. But how might this arrest and accusation affect your divorce?

Time with your kids

The aspect of the divorce a DUI may most likely affect is the child custody agreement.

Family courts focus on a child’s best interests and wellbeing. They can weigh any factors, including which parent can offer a stable home that meets the child’s daily needs.

If a judge believes you have a drinking problem, or if you are unable to bring a child to school because the courts revoked your driver’s license, that could impact how much time you get with your child as part of the custody agreement.

That is not a certainty however, and an attorney can help you navigate the courts system to make the best of the situation.

There is a chance a past DUI could affect the custody agreement too, but showing it was a one-time thing and that you have gotten treatment or avoided legal troubles since, may help your chances.

Managing the stress

The other big piece is your own mental health. Getting a DUI while in the midst of a divorce may add both emotional and financial stress. Your spouse might even become less friendly or get frustrated because the divorce became more complicated.

It is not something you want to deal with, and it is the last thing you want your child to feel.

An experienced attorney can help manage the cases, taking some of the weight off your shoulders while you handle the important part: keeping a close relationship with your family.

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