Common causes of car crashes

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Anyone who passes a car accident scene may feel lucky they weren’t involved. However, not everyone can avoid car accidents indefinitely, and understanding the common reasons for car accidents may help some drivers prevent collisions. West Virginia drivers should benefit from following traffic laws, but even safety-conscious drivers may collide with another vehicle due to road conditions or other circumstances.

Car accidents and their causes

Sometimes, seemingly mundane reasons result in car crashes. Low visibility due to fog or night conditions might make it hard to see stalled cars or objects on the road. Animal crossing signs might alert people to potential dangers, but they can’t stop a deer from darting out in front of a car. Cold weather could cause icy road conditions, as might a light rain. So, drivers may need to be cautious when conditions aren’t optimal.

Drivers shouldn’t behave in ways that increase the chances of a crash —texting or eating while driving may cause distractions that result in accidents. Other troubling driving behaviors might lead to regrettable and possibly fatal crashes.

Moving violations and auto collisions

Numerous motor vehicle accidents result from drivers committing moving violations that increase dangers on the road. Speeding is a reckless behavior that may worsen when driving conditions require slowing down.

Tailgating and committing other moving violations may elevate danger levels. Many people realize this fact, but they commit moving violations anyway. Others might travel when they feel sick or fatigued, conditions they might not expect to contribute to a crash. However, feeling tired or ill may undermine safe driving practices. So does intoxicated driving, a perpetual danger on the road.

When negligence causes a car accident, the responsibility may face legal claims. An auto insurance policy could cover the losses up to the policy’s limits.

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