What should teens do if they’re in a car accident?

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Even the most cautious West Virginia teen drivers could end up in a car accident. This is a frightening, confusing experience for even seasoned adult drivers, but there are certain things that must be done. Parents should instruct their teens about these crucial steps if they’re in a collision.

Move to a safe spot and check for injuries

The first thing a teen driver should do is move to a safe spot. If the car is immovable, they should get out and go to the shoulder of the road, out of traffic. It could prevent a subsequent accident.

Checking for injuries is crucial and should include the driver and any passengers. However, immediately after an accident, it’s possible to have a surge of adrenaline rushing through the body and feel fine.

Call 911 and get medical attention

Teen drivers might fear that they could be blamed for a car accident even if it was not their fault. This could scare them out of the idea of calling 911, but it’s the next step they should take. The police should be called to the scene of any accident that results in injuries or property damage so an accident report can be made.

Calling 911 can also ensure that medical personnel arrives in an ambulance. Teens should get medical attention even if they think they’ve escaped the vehicle collision unscathed. Some injuries don’t show symptoms until hours or days later.

Exchange information, but don’t make conversation

Teen drivers should exchange information with the other motorist: names, addresses, phone numbers and vehicle and license information. However, they must avoid making conversation or even apologizing since it can be used against them later. They should also get witness information, which could be vital to a car accident claim.

While all accidents can’t be avoided, parents should instill safe driving values in their teens. It might keep them safer.

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