Why you shouldn’t put off your divorce in West Virginia

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The divorce rate is as high as 50%, depending on your sources. There are several reasons why someone might decide that it is time to visit a West Virginia courtroom or take other steps to end a marriage. These reasons may include a desire to escape an abusive spouse or realizing that a relationship is too toxic to be saved.

Don’t stay for the kids

Many people believe that you should stay married for the sake of your kids. Alternatively, you may feel that staying with your spouse is better for your children, even if you’re not happy, regardless of what others tell you. However, there is a growing consensus that staying in an unfulfilling or abusive relationship may harm your kids.

Your spouse can’t stop you

Your spouse may try to guilt you into delaying a divorce or take other steps to keep you stuck where you are. However, it’s important to note that you can end your marriage regardless of their thoughts. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to file marriage dissolution papers or take other steps to sever ties with this person if that is what you want to do.

Assistance may be available

It may seem impossible to get away from a spouse who engages in emotional or physical abuse. Fortunately, community groups are willing to assist abuse victims and their children. In addition, money, housing and other resources are available temporarily until you can provide for yourself and your children.

Before ending your marriage, gathering as many documents as possible may be in your best interest. Bank statements, tax returns and other papers may make verifying whether the court should label an asset as joint or separate property easier. It may also make it easier to confirm whether you should receive alimony, child support or other resources from your spouse.

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