DUIs and insurance rates

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Driving under the influence can cause someone to face legal problems in West Virginia. In addition to the civil and criminal woes, the driver could face additional financial costs related to insurance. Drunk driving convictions would likely raise auto insurance prices dramatically.

Drunk driving and auto insurance FAQs

There are three common frequently asked questions related to insurance that arise when someone faces DUI charges:

  • How does a DUI affect rates?
  • How much will the increase be?
  • Is it difficult to find insurance when convicted of a DUI?

The answers are straightforward. Any person convicted of driving under the influence represents a liability risk. Therefore, the insurance companies will charge more to accept financial responsibility for the risk. The national average is $987. How much the rate will increase for a specific driver depends on various factors, and the driver may need to shop around for the most affordable policy. Generally, it could be possible to find insurance from a high-risk insurer. Again, different individuals may experience different results from their coverage search.

DUI convictions

Although someone may face criminal charges for driving under the influence, that does not mean the person will be convicted. DUI charges come with the presumption of innocent until proven guilty. Other constitutional rights issues may arise in court, as well.

For example, the police must have probable cause to stop a vehicle. If the police procure evidence without the necessary probable cause for a traffic stop, the case might fall apart for the prosecutor.

When the police make mistakes, the defense could make a motion to suppress evidence. Officers who perform the DUI field sobriety tests improperly or fail to calibrate a breathalyzer correctly may find the results inadmissible. Be aware that false positives could face court challenges.

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