Mistakes to avoid after a West Virginia motor vehicle accident

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A West Virginia motor vehicle accident is a traumatic event. That’s why it’s easy to forget what to do after an accident. Your actions after an accident matter, especially if you might decide to file an auto injury claim. Try to avoid making mistakes when you get into an auto accident.

Failing to get medical care

You might think your injuries aren’t that serious. Perhaps you’re stiff, sore, or slightly lightheaded. Many survivors of motor vehicle accidents ignore these symptoms. They assume all they need is rest.

Seeking medical attention is a good idea, even if you think your injuries are minor. You never know when a seemingly minor ache or pain hides a serious injury. Also, you’ll need a medical treatment history if you file a claim related to the accident.

Deciding not to call 911

Calling 911 in the United States summons help to the scene. You might think calling 911 isn’t important, but it is if you’re going to file a claim. A police report provides valuable information that you’ll need for the claim.

Spilling the beans on social media

Avoid the after-accident mistake of filling your social media with details about your accident. An insurance company or legal representative for the other driver can use your social media against you. Social media is a common place where people look for information to discredit a claim.

Signing legal papers

Beware of signing papers that you receive from the other driver’s insurance company. You could sign away certain legal rights without realizing it. It helps to have someone who understands legal documents to determine if it’s safe for you to sign.

These are just a few mistakes to avoid after a motor vehicle accident. If there’s any chance you’ll file an auto accident claim, avoid doing anything that might hurt your case.

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