Things to consider when debating divorce in Virginia

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Divorce isn’t an easy choice for Virginia couples. It comes with a lot of emotional and logistical hurdles to work through before you can come to a decision. As you weigh your options, there are some important factors to consider.

Big changes in your life

The divorce process comes with a lot of stress and massive changes to your way of living. The change alone can cause additional emotional or psychological stress, and that’s on top of the factors that lead you to considering divorce.

One of the most significant stressors during divorce will be finances. In addition to attorney fees and legal costs, you’ll see your income change drastically. Unless you’re the main breadwinner in the house, going from two incomes to one usually hurts your overall finances.

Impact on children

Your children may have a hard time adjusting to life after a divorce. The big changes to their family structure can bring about some big emotions — especially with a high-conflict divorce or lengthy custody battle.

It’s important to consider the children’s overall well-being. Divorce is hard, but living with parents who don’t get along or love each other may be more difficult for them in the long term. Working with a therapist can help your children during the transition phase.

Consider your overall happiness and safety

Divorce doesn’t just happen. It’s a careful decision made after years of unhappiness or immense heartbreak. Remember the things that brought you to this question in the first place. Ask yourself if they could resolve themselves over time or with the help of a couple’s therapist.

Ultimately, no one can tell you whether or not to get divorced. It’s important to consider what’s best for you and your family as you make this life-changing decision.

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