Truckers may be more likely to crash with greater caffeine use

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The long hours that truckers put in may prompt a high amount of caffeine consumption. While this may be beneficial over the short term, truckers may be doing more harm than good if they make it into a habit. West Virginia residents should know that the journal Safety Science published the results of a study suggesting a link between high caffeine consumption and higher crash risk.

The study was conducted by a transport safety lecturer from the Loughborough University Design School together with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. It involved approximately 3,000 truck drivers who fell into one of two groups: those who consume a single cup, glass or pill of a caffeinated product every day, and those who consume over five. They completed a questionnaire and were assured that their answers would be kept confidential.

One of the questions was whether the truckers had been in an accident in the past three years. Of the first group, 21.6% said yes. Of the second, 27.8% said yes. Moreover, the high caffeine users were more likely to be suffering from poor health as reflected in their insufficient sleep, an unhealthy diet and a habit of smoking or excessive drinking. Though the link is not definitive, future studies may come to a firmer conclusion.

Drowsy or intoxicated truck drivers cause many motor vehicle accidents. Those who are injured through such negligence have the right to seek compensation, so they may want to see a lawyer who can help them with their claim. The trucking company will most likely have its own legal team ready, so victims may leave all negotiations to their lawyer.

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