Fatigued truck drivers and their role in motor vehicle accidents

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Logging and mining are just some of the industries that thrive in West Virginia. However, they require the use of large trucks and similar equipment. Because there are now more trucks on the roads, the number of motor vehicle accidents also increases. Trucker fatigue can play a significant role.

Why truckers drive in spite of fatigue

You would think that truckers or the company employing them would encourage regular sleep breaks. However, this is not always the case. There is a need for overtime to meet tight deadlines. Lawmakers attempted to prevent long driving sessions with hours of service rules.

Yet some of these rules do not necessarily protect truckers from fatigue. One example is the recent Hours of Service Final Rule. One of its stipulations suggests that drivers should no longer have to take a 30-minute break after eight hours, but only after eight hours driving.

Did you suffer the consequences of a trucker’s insufficient sleep schedule?

The aftermath of commercial truck accidents brings with it devastation. While crashes involving two passenger cars can result in life-changing injuries, this outcome usually amplifies when you involve commercial trucks. Therefore, authorities tend to look at the trucker and their driving record.

By default, this sometimes means looking at the trucking company and its supervision of drivers. If a truck driver acts recklessly to meet a tight deadline, the company may be on the hook. If the trucker has previous citations for distracted or fatigued driving, the company’s responsibility deepens.

If you were a driver or passenger in a car that collided with a commercial truck, you may do well by talking to an attorney to protect your rights.

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